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After celebrating our one-year anniversary, the Move Into Resilience podcast took a brief break. Sincere gratitude to everyone who listened and shared the episodes! With 39 episodes under our belt, we noticed much more listener interest in the meditations, so…

✨Welcome to Season 4!✨

For 2022, we plan to have more meditations, as they are a listener favorite. Some people like them with vocal only and others like them with music, so we are creating two versions for each. And videos will be available for some of the meditations. Please enjoy and share with others! And send yourself some appreciation for joining in!

Pamela is currently creating the songs and videos for her children’s series called Musical Mindful Motion. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and request notifications so you can be notified about our latest video releases.

This is not your typical podcast…

☑ Just like your favorite TV show, you won’t want to miss an episode
☑ It’s also a YouTube series, so you can see what’s happening
☑ You are invited to experience movements and motions in the moment
☑ The more you join in, the sooner you Move Into Resilience

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